Our Algorithm: 

The Hurley Recruiting approach to delivering quality partnerships is three-pronged.

Candidate-Company Pairing:

We listen to the needs of job hunters and HR managers. We make sure that our applicants meld right into the culture of the hiring companies in which they are placed.

Data Analysis:

Hurley Recruiting guarantees high quality results for our clients and applicant pool by carefully reviewing data from previous placements. We have streamlined our approach by assessing the most effective ways to place advertisements, reviewing the effect of lexicon and keywords on target demographic engagement, and judging overall candidate quality. We track applicant retention statistics and cost per applicant, to provide reliable reporting for our clientele.

Exit Survey:

We offer exit surveys for both candidates and employees at the termination of temporary or contract placements. The reported data allows Hurley Recruiting to gauge both employer and hiree satisfaction. Exit surveys allow our recruiters to refine the matching process to ensure bilateral satisfaction. We want to hear what you have to say about the employment experience.