Our Strategy at Hurley Recruitment Consultants:

For clients looking to fill positions that require general skills we offer a detail oriented approach to selecting the best candidates from the large batches of applicants that apply for entry level positions. Our talent acquisitions experts follow rigorous measures when vetting candidates who must have specialized skills to perform their job duties. Clients can rest assured that candidates from Hurley Recruitment Consultants will be well suited to execute all required job functions.

Job Posting:

Hurley Recruitment Consultants offers a full-service partnership to our Clients starting with job posting and advertisement placement to attract top tier candidates for review by our recruiters. We utilize over forty job boards, tailoring advertisement placement to the specific needs of our individual clients. We guarantee quality applicants by consulting with and detailing a streamlined strategy for each opening that needs to be filled.

Applicant Review:

At Hurley Recruitment Consultants, our recruiters and ad writers and dedicated professionals with years of experience in the staffing industry. Once the initial applicant pool is received we sort through thousands of resumés and CVs to ensure that only the most suitable candidates will advance to the interview stage. We retain detailed records of our preliminary interview applicants as we continue to grow our applicant pool to match the needs of many employers.

Online Presence:

Twenty-first century recruitment requires innovation and continuously adapting approach to allow our clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors. We understand the value of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Presence, and Adwords in casting the widest net for capable candidates. Our posting and placement strategies are targeted at key demographics, to minimize occurrence of incompatible candidates.


Hurley Recruitment Consultants values the reputation of our firm, our clients and our applicants. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the best brand image for our clients while we accurately represent the abilities of our applicant pool. We engage in green business practices, including active sustainability initiatives in minimizing paper waste and downsizing our carbon footprint.