Curriculum Vitae:

Your resumé is your first and often only chance to give a spectacular presentation about your capabilities, core competencies and relevant experience. Employers should be able to discern specific skills from your resumé. Be as detail oriented as possible but remember that many recruiters prefer a one-page resumé for initial assessment. Include specialized talents and your last ten years of experience- do not waste space with filler fluff!

Cover Letter:

A cover letter is an opportunity to present an employer with your ambitions and give recruiters an opportunity to receive a genuine glimpse of your outlook. Do not neglect including a cover letter with your resumé. Each cover letter should be tailored to the position for which you are applying.

Online Presence:

Twenty-first century recruitment requires innovation and continuously adapting approach to allow our clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors. We understand the value of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Presence, and Adwords in casting the widest net for capable candidates. Our posting and placement strategies are targeted at key demographics, to minimize occurrence of incompatible candidates.


Hurley Recruitment Consultants values the reputation of our firm, our clients and our applicants. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the best brand image for our clients while we accurately represent the abilities of our applicant pool. We engage in green business practices, including active sustainability initiatives in minimizing paper waste and downsizing our carbon footprint.